canada goose A $10 Tip From A Grateful Resident Cost Two New York Sanitation Workers Their Jobs Freya Petersen Jun. 27, 2013, 11:42 AMScreenshot via The Pruitt-Igoe Project Two longtime New York City sanitation workers were each fined $2,000 for accepting a $10 tip from a local resident. The Conflict of Interest Board fined Robert Bracone and Rene Torres and then retired them from the job. According to the workers’ statements provided by the conflicts board , The New York Times said the men asked for $20 to share between them. However, the resident said he had only $10. Bracone had been a sanitation worker for 26 years and Torres 23 years, the New York Daily News reported. Citing a website that tracks municipal employee salaries, CBS pointed out that both men earned over $100,000, including overtime, in 2011 as two of New York’s Strongest. The two admitted to taking the $5 each from a Queens resident on Oct. 12, 2011, after they hauled a large amount of trash away from his building. The tip violated the rule banning employees from using their positions “to obtain a personal benefit ,” the Daily News reported. The paper quoted Bracone as saying: “I don’t want to have anything to do with the city ever again.” Torres could not be reached, the Daily News said. Vito Turso, a spokesman for the city Department of Sanitation, told the Daily News: “They should have known better. It’s clear [from the orders] that they face termination if they are caught.” SEE ALSO: A New Bill Could Bring Back New York City's Hostels canada goose parka