Divided. Father Casey begged for patience until Christmas vacation when this condition would be remedied. He was true to his word. Contact Us,[UPDATED: Holy shit. Jose Lambiet got Malnik on the phone, and he said Michael Jackson named him the executor of his will and godfather and guardian of Jackson’s youngest son, Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson. Read Lambiet’s “Page 2” post here.

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IO has made several strategic appointments in recent months, and has subsequently announced several big partnerships and customer wins. IO named former Groupon CIO Alan McIntosh SVP of global technology delivery, and former Apple marketing veteran Anne Wolf as SVP of global marketing and communications in November. The steady stream of appointments suggests IO is readying for the next stage in its growth, which was kickstarted in October with a $90 million investment led by New World Ventures.

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I stood before the wind demon, saying nothing. It stirred at my presence, became near frantic. Black in all forms, it changed from something stone like to a sandstorm, and then to like a liquid ribbon. The Mallard ducks are no match for these boisterous, greedy, noisy birds who are surging with hormones and just getting used to their adult bodies. They’re out in force today but their cries are drowned out by the sounds of The Original Rude Boys who’ve taken over the bandstand behind the lake and are belting out a few numbers in a warm up gig ahead of Arthur’s Day. There’s quite a crowd..

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I think it was also pretty cool that he mentioned Olde Queens.”Scholastica Okoye, 20, an accounting and applied environmental science major, got a video selfie of her and the president as he walked by the stage to leave. A member of the Voorhees Choir, Okoye said she was only about 30 feet away from him when her choral group sang on the stage. The four official Rutgers University choirssang at the commencement.”This experience was really awesome,” said Okoye, who lives in Jersey City.

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